Saturday, September 6, 2014

How to monitor your Kid's cell phone

Learn how to monitor your child's mobile phone and protect them from cyber bullying and other dangerous phone habits.

It's very alarming that we always read and watch news as teens being a victim of an online sex predators and we as parents need to do something about it.

Though smartphone is very useful for parents like us to have a constant communication to our kids wherever they are, we should at least be always aware with their cell phone activity.

Utilizing a child cell phone monitoring software allows you to have a peace of mind because you will have all the details you need to find out if your child is safe at their school or online.

Criminals are everywhere.  They are always updated even to the latest trends in the technology and they leverage the same technology to prey on their victims online using famous social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The application works like your private investigator which enables you to monitor your kids text messages, calls, location and many more from any computer with internet connection wherever you are.

Follow this steps so you can start now to monitor your kid's smartphone


You can't proceed with this without target phone.   It is a must that you have access to the cell phone you want to monitor.

For iPhone you need to have your gadget to be jail-broken first before the application work on your cellphone. You could do it on your own by following the free instructions here  or pay a small fee from a certified mobile technician in your near mobile repair shop.

For Android you need to have it rooted you can follow the free tutorial here or bring it to a mobile technician to do the work for you for a very cheap service.

a. You need a 3rd party software - In this case Spy Bubble is good app because it works for all types of smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Symbian. Also it does support Tablet as well so you have many choices on which device you want to start tracking.

b. Right after you smartphones are jail-broken or rooted you can now download Spy Bubble software here.

c. Register and follow the step by step installation you will received in your email inbox. If for some reason's you are having a trouble in installation leave a comment below so I can guide you.  Also you can watch the video tutorial here for iPhone installation.

d. Log in to your dashboard or control panel - upon registration you will receive a username and password. You will use this information to log-in to your secure control panel which you can access using any computer or gadgets with internet access.

Can you monitor iPhone or i Pad without installing software?

If you don't want to install any additional software on your kids cellphone or you are having trouble learning jail-breaking you could follow through this step.

a. First you must go visit this Phone sheriff investigator edition page and sign up for the software by clicking here.

b. Next activate i Cloud service on your iPhone or i Pad.

c. Finally in your Phone-sheriff Control Panel add i Cloud account.

Now that you have access to your child's cell phone activity, you can now prevent any untoward incident that may happen from your kids. Stop sex-ting, online sex predators and cyber bullying using child cellphone monitoring app.

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