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Spybubble Download Free

spybubble download free

There’s a saying that “the best things in life are free”. Unfortunately this does not apply to SpyBubble software. Spybubble download is free for only 60 days. After two months and you are not happy how the software works you could submit a refund request. Once you submit your refund request, you can get your money back no questions ask.

Most of the time, people who tried the software never look back again. They are happy with the results and decided to continue their subscription to SpyBubble. I’m hypocrite if I tell you that never had a situation where SpyBubble refund from customers. There were times too that the software didn’t work but most of the time it’s the compatibility issue or some minor technical problems which causes the software to malfunction. So before you subscribe to the services please check the phone if it is compatible with the software. Click here to see if your phone is supported.

Spy Bubble download free trial is great for hesitant customers. You can take advantage of the software for 60 days and see for yourself if the software is really working. During the time period you can check if it functions according to what it promises in the website.

60 days money back guarantee


Below are different features of Spybubble free download trial

SMS logging where you can check through your online account if the software tracks every text messages automatically. This great if you want to keep tabs of your kids at school and at home. You could have peace of mind if you know if your child is safe. Reading text messages can be useful if you want to know why your kids behavior changed to something you didn’t expect. It can aid to verify if your child is bullied at school. It can also help you determine if your teen is smoking marijuana or drinking alcohol.

Call logging which allows you to record every phone call activities like time of call, cell phone numbers used, time duration and the date it happened. It is useful at home and in your office. This feature lets you prove if you employees are using their call privileges for their own personal use. It can help you save your resources for other purposes.

Phone Book Access – This features reports to you if there are any new cell phone numbers stored on the phone. You can see every mobile phone numbers attach with their name. This helps you to see if there are any suspicious names or cell phone numbers stored in the phone.

Phone location tracking through GPS – Using the latest technology you can see in real-time on a map the exact location of the person using the phone. Do you wonder if your child goes to school? Do want to know if your spouse is really at his office during overtime? Well this is the answer to your problem. Bubble spy free download will free your mind from worries and negative thoughts. Verify it now!

Email tracking - Spybubble software free download lets you monitor the incoming and outgoing emails from the cell phone. You will see the content of the email, time and date it was send too. Most of the time intimate conversations are sent through email to hide them from you. Do you know that I catch my employee red handed leaking my company information to my competitor? This is very useful try it too.

URL tracking – This salient features enables you to see every websites visited by the phone browser. Tired of playing hide and seek with your employees? Use this function to check if your employees are browsing the internet during office hours. Improve your company productivity by 60% and get ahead of your competitors.

Photo tracking – You will able to see all the photos stored in the phone memory.


Spybubble Pro free download advance features

Call listening –This feature lets you listen to live phone conversation.

Surrounding recording - spy bubble for mobile free download lets you record the audio within the phone environment.

The information gathered is immediately uploaded to your Spybubble user account. You will need the username and password you just created upon registration. Spybubble software free download is PC compatible and can be access from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. Don’t worry Spybubble free download is MAC compatible too.

Which phones are supported?

Spy bubble mobile spy free download supports a wide array of Smartphones. Actually it works even in the newest phones. These include iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows mobile, Symbian and many more. To be more specific here are the operating systems supported as of this moment. For Blackberry you should have OS 4.2.1 or higher. It means you will need to upgrade your operating system if your OS is lower than prescribed firmware. For Android it supports firmware from 1.0 and above. Symbian phone the famous Nokia supported phones are S60 3th Edition, 3th Edition Feature Pack 1, 3h Edition Feature Pack 2 and 5th Edition phones. Spy bubble mobile spy free download supports iPhone OS 2.x,3.x,4.x and 5.x Newer OS are not yet supported like iPhone 5 which runs on iOS 6.x For the iPad it currently supports all models. And finally, Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x are the only supported firmware.

In conclusion spy bubble free download for iPhone, iPad or any mobile doesn’t mean you can use the software freely. You can only use it for 60 days for free if you refund which in case seldom happen because of the rich features I discussed above.
P.S Please be aware that never trust a site or link that offers spybubble pc free download. You will be tricked and your hard earned money will be gone forever. Just be careful ok.

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