Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Legitimate SpyBubble Download Here

Spybubble Download


Are you looking for SpyBubble download software? There are many links lurking around the internet and some of them are tagged free and some are offering free trial. Let me show you the ins and outs in choosing the right download link.

There are many hocus pocus today. Stay with me, below are the hints how you can avoid scam and download illegitimate software. In this post I will tell you what to look for and find out which sites are the telling the truth about SpyBubble software before you download it.

Spybubble download trial - SpyBubble does offer trial. If you look into their official website, all you have to do is register to their 60days money back guaranteee demo.  It works like that of the full version software.   To be able to try the software you must be a legitimate customer by providing your billing information.  Once you are satisfied with their service you will be billed a one time payment.  In case you didn't get your expectation throughout the one month  you can request for your refund.

SpyBubble download free / SpyBubble download gratis - If you are looking for free software try to look in the appstore or cydia store. There many applications out there that offers free service. Search for the one which suits your needs. SpyBubble is not for free but don't worry it is offered at an affordable price that anyone can buy it. I highly recommend using this paid software. Free spy software tends to provide incomplete data and much worse in accurate results.

Spybubble download crack - As you have read above the developer only offers 60 days money back guarantee and I doubt if you could find crack. They won't release any software that will harm their decent reputation. Be warn! Crack software can kill your phone or even it can install spyware on their advantage.

Spybubble Pro free download - SpyBubble has so many features including SMS logging, call logging, GPS tracking, URL monitoring and many more! Advance feature which is included in Pro version are listening to phone conversion and recording phone surroundings. Again this Pro version is not for free.

Spybubble free download for android - SpyBubble is specialized software that supports a wide array of Smartphone. These phones include iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows mobile etc. If you see any site telling you that it's free for Android then it’s a scam. Here is an example of Spybubble download for Blackberry and see for your-self its rich features.

Spybubble Software Free Download for PC - This offer is simply a scam. Why? It is because SpyBubble is only installed in your mobile not to your PC. You can't find any Spybubble software that you can install to your PC to track your phone. Spybubble works by installing the software to your target phone and login to your online user account created upon registration. Once login you will see phone usage like Sms, calls, site visited, GPS location etc.

Now that you know how to avoid scam I hope you will avoid those offers that are simply not true. To download the Spybubble software you can click the banner on top my website. If you want it at cheaper price just submit your email and I will send to you a promotional code right away.

After you register and still don't have any clue how you can use Spybubble on your phone check my Spybubble installation download tutorial or see SpyBubble video tutorial.

Finally see my detailed review of Spybubble. You can find it on my pages.  Uncover the reality in your business, home and relationship.  Expose the truth, download spybubble.

SpyBubble Download Admin


                                    Click here to visit the official page

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Spybubble Pro

Spybubble Professional Free Download
Click here to download Spybubble Pro

Most of us including me really want Spybubble Pro for Free Download, but you must be warn that there are many internet scam.  If you are not careful you will end up spending more money or you will lose all of your money.

Nowadays free is not free anymore.  Free software from the internet is very alarming because it might only cause you more trouble than help.  All I can suggest to you is to download only the legitimate Spybubble Pro advanced whenever you can.

So in short the Spybubble Pro Free version download is scam and most of the case people will only steal your credit card information for their personal interest.

If you have no idea what is Spybubble and how it works you should read my review here.  Basically the standard license allows you to monitor on the following activities on your mobile but if you purchased the Spybubble Pro version this is also included in the list of the features you could use.

Spybubble Pro Version Basic Features

How to use Spybubble Pro is pretty straightforward.  The only thing you need to do is to learn how to setup the software on your desired smartphone.  For example if you want to install it on an Android you must learn the step by step procedure on how to install spyubble pro on android which can be easily found the on their support site.  You can also browse the FAQ if you have more questions that needs answers.

Let's move on to the functions:

Sms / Text messaging - This one lets you save /backup SMS.  Once the sms was sent or received it will be automatically saved in a remote server.  Now if the smartphone user delete the text never worry about it because you will have an exact copy of it from your members area.

Call tracking - If you want to know the cellphone numbers used when the phone user call or if you want to know the number used to call the phones owner, then this is great.  Also it allows you to log the date and time mobile calls were made.

Gps Tracking - This great if you want to know the real time location of the phones you want to monitor.  It also record the location history so you will know the whereabouts of the cellphone user.  This is very useful if you want to know if your teens are at school.

Web browser history - So you think that your employees are wasting their time browsing the internet instead of doing their task in your office? Great!  This feature will help you know if they are lazy during office hours.

Phone book access - Another amazing feature you could use is monitoring cell phone contacts.  If you want to know that your spouse is hiding something from then you could spy on their contact and find out if there's any suspicious names or numbers.

Another features are email tracking and photo spying.  Also the same thing that you can do. You could access the pictures and emails remotely.  This is also great if you want to record or backup the pictures and emails that was taken or send and received from the mobile.  Now let's proceed to the Spybubble Pro version.

Spybubble Pro Reviews

If you opt to choose the Spybubble Pro version there are another 9 new tracking features that you can do.  I bet this is advance because it allows you to catch or track the cellphone user in real time or live.

Live cell phone call tapping - As I've said this is real time because  you could listen the smartphone calls immediately when someone wants to call the target handset or if the device under radar wants to call another handphone.  Once the call connect you could tap in and listen the calls live.

Transform your cell device into bugging device - Yes you read it right.  This is useful if you want to hear the live conversation within the vicinity of the target cellphone.  For example if your target phone is inside a room you easily turn on the microphone remotely and listen to their chat. 

You don't need to be near the cellphone because it works even if you are miles away from the gadget that you want to track.

-  Now if you don't want to listen in real time you could switch the recording feature which allows you to record the audio within the area of the cell phone.

Real time Photo and Video recording - This feature allows you to be like James Bond.  It allows you to remotely activate and record pictures and videos which great if you need to gather evidence from your target phone.

Some of the features allows you to track cell phone online messaging like BBM and Whatsapp. If you more information visit my Spybubble Pro reviews.

Spybubble Pro Coupon

As of today Spybuble didn't release any coupon code but be sure to subscribe to my email so that you will get first hand any news for discount of this amazing software.  Spybubble standard and Spybubble Pro version comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.  If you purchased it and you found out that it's not that you need, just request for refund and you will get your money without questions ask.

Click here to Buy Spybubble Pro

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Friday, January 10, 2014

These are the top reasons why you will need the service of Spybubble software:

  • Employee Monitoring -  Are you certain your employees are where when they say that they are going to your your clients location and not roaming around the mall?  Is your company's communications cost sky roof because your employees are using the business service phone for their own personal interest?  Most of the time personal calls, texting and internet access contributes to a big losses from your business resources.  Most business owners have these same problems.  Spybubble is a new mobile technology readily available to have peace of mind.
  • Child Monitoring - Are you worried your child might be the next victim of online predators and sex offenders?  Smart phones have the capability not only to send and receive text messages, make a call and receive a phone call but it can also access the internet.  Most of the cases today are cyber bullying , scams and sex offenders.  We as parents don't want our child to be in danger.  So, using Spybubble we can immediately scan and monitor all the data that might put your child in danger when they are online.

    Catch your cheating spouse - Whether you are a husband or spouse that is cheated by your partner you have the right to know the truth.  Using the software you will be able to expose the truth without even following your partner.  Once the software is installed you could easily check their cellphones for any signs of cheating.  It could an intimate SMS, a suspicious photo or you could listen to their live phone conversation to catch them red handed.

    If you have these three reasons then you will benefit from using this software.  Ready to start to use the software?  Go here.

    Did you like my infographics?  Embed it in your blog/website.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013
spybubble free download software

By now you are looking for a spybubble free download software and it takes you countless hours and days looking for it. Let me tell you upfront, you will not find any free tracking spy app here.

Beware of spybubble cracked

Most of us wants to use free programs. I myself is not exempted in this scenario but when it comes to using mobile spy software I believed we should avoid it. One of the reasons why I want you to stop using cracked software is because of security reasons. Hackers and crackers are waiting for you to get bait in their malicious software to gain your personal information. They could hack your identity and use it for their personal motive. Another one is you could expose your bank account username and passwords. Once it is readily available through online, these culprits can easily transfer the money to their account through wire transfer or Paypal account. One word of advice for you never use or get trapped into the software with a promise of free apps for spying.

What else you need to learn about cell phone spy software free download offers?

Aside from money issue there are many problems that arises from using free programs. Most of them are compatibility issues. You are prompted to install the software but once it is inside the system of your mobile phone, it wont work. What I observed from this program is it makes your battery weak. These could be the reasons that the dubious program is silently cracking your personal information. Once it was gathered automatically it will be sent through your internet or GPS connection without your knowledge.

Spybubble free trial lacking of phone conversations recording

If you opt to use spybubble you can use all of its features. These includes SMS, phone book, pictures, location tracking and many more. As of today the only features that is not yet still supported by this software is the recording of phone conversation. The only advance feature you can do is listening to their live phone call conversation.

Another one is you can only record phone surroundings if the phone is not in used. You can activate the bugging tool simply sending a sms command to enable the microphone remotely. That's all it can do but never it can record live phone call chat.

Legitimate free apps for cell phone spying

In my introduction I mentioned about malicious software. Although there are many illegitimate software roaming around the internet there are still some reliable software that you can use. This programs are safe to use because you can only found them in a reliable source website. One of the website you want to check out is the apple store iTunes site. You can actually find every types of iOS software that you can use like for business, education, entertainment and so on. Spy software is also part of their categories. All you have to do is to put the keyword in the search and click go. You will be presented with many choices of these iPhone program. All I can say with these software is some of them provide inaccurate results because it is not maintained by a programmer anymore. You will observe as well that the features offered are not enough for most what you need in spying mobile.

Things you wont enjoy when you spy on a cell phone free download mode

Software was created to make our lives easier. This is the very reason Spybubble was invented in mind to help people. If you choose a pirated software you won't be able to leverage the power of this software program.

If you want to know where is your kids during at night specially if its too late at night, you would not now because GPS tracking wont work. At this point in time, we don't know if the place they are is safe. Criminals are all over the city. Drug addicts are always waiting for their next victims. Now with all these, would you still choose to use a defective spy program?

If you suspect that your employees are slacking during their office time and you want to know their whereabouts during their field work, would you still choose to use an incompetent software. Most of the time these scenarios are the reasons why many companies shut down their business because of the excessive loss from productivity and staff.

Now there are many useful applications you can use spybubble but only if you use their legitimate software that is the only time you can enjoy the benefits from using it.

How to download mobile phone spy software free download full version?

Again there is no free version but you can download the full version by going to their official page. Once you're on their website you can just click the download and choose your type of mobile phone to monitor. What I like about Spybubble is you will only have to pay a one time payment. This means that you will not be charge for a monthly payment. Another important thing why I decided to utilize this software is you can monitor as many mobile phone as you want. The only downside is your remote software will work slowly because it will be used to track more mobile phones.

You may like: spybubble software free download for android
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Spybubble Reviews

official website

Spybubble is deemed as one of today’s widely marketed spy phone software gaining much sought attention from users all over the world because of its unique capability of being able to track the messages, movements and whereabouts of your target person, or love one. Some may say that it is a malicious or sneaky thing to do because you step beyond the privacy and confidentiality of others but true enough; there are also legitimate uses for using the Spybubble software.

Pros and Cons

Basically, reviews are created in order to view a certain product, gadget or service in a complete perspective. Yes, and in this article, we are talking about Spybubble reviews, the software that enables anyone to take a look at a person’s current activities on real time. Every product has advantages and disadvantages, strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. Hence, let us discuss the matters and concerns that you need to know about Spybubble.

  Enticing Advantages and Features

As a part of Spybubble reviews, it might be too good to be true, but spybubble app has advantages that you could avail of. Here are the strengths and 5 core features that users can enjoy from Spybubble:

SMS Tracking: The user can read every message that can be received from the target device. You just have to log in the Spybubble account, and in real time, you can sneak into the messages even if it is deleted from the handset.

Call Tracking: The numbers that have called the phone and have been called by the user will be reflected on the call counter of you Spybubble account, keeping track of the people being contacted by the person. The duration of each call will also be recorded.

Location Tracking: This feature is powered by GPS. The specific location can be tracked with the help of Google Maps.

URL Tracking: All the web sites being browsed by the smartphone user has visited will be recorded, giving you access from what sites have been viewed and monitoring if they are malicious or not.

Photo Tracking: Each photo taken will automatically be sent in the Spybubble account.

spybubble features

  on its Pros: Reasons why Choose and Use Spybubble

Catch a Cheating Spouse
A cheating spouse, almost always, can be caught red handed through his text messages. This spyware app makes sure that your spouse is saying the truth by gaining access on this received and sent messages. Additional features provide you his GPS location, email, photos and social media activities.

Follow a Rebellious Child
Parents become very worried about their children once they seem to become uncontrollable and when their safety is on the line. When you get to know where they exactly are and get an idea what their plans are, you can intervene pending danger and harm to your children.

Monitor Inefficient Employees
Because of this edgy technology, this text message spyware app for iphone 5 allows you to check as well on the cellphone messages of your employees once it is installed in your company smartphone device. This aids you by making you aware if they are doing something beyond their job description and can catch them before they cause any trouble.

  on its Cons: Spying, An Ethical Issue

As a downside of the software Spybubble, it might come across your mind that some ethical issues might surface along the way of using it. You might ponder if its right to spy on people, if it is legal, and other heavy and bombarding questions. You might even be confronted at the beginning of it is even okay to purchase and use it, but always keep in mind that you must only use the software if you are certain that you can handle dealing with such issues because honestly, you will really encounter them, and might regret the decision of even using it in the first place. In relation, knowing too much can most likely lead to difficult and destructive consequences, so you better brace yourself for any potential problem along the way. So be firm about your decision about using it to avoid guilt in the future.

  on its Cons: Does Spybubble really Work or a Scam?

Every state of the art program or software may sometimes fail, crash and encounter problems.So put to mind that there might be times that Spybubble may have limitations. Spybubble has been made to be compatible with most phones, equipped with bursting features, but at some point, in order to fully enjoy the features, you have to upgrade to Pro in order to enjoy the full features, such as Call Listening and Environment Listening, which needs added payment. When you upgrade, they say that your gadget transforms into a microphone that transmits all the sounds in the immediate vicinity but only few has tried this yet.

Moreover, some may have said that Spybubble is just merely advertising and only promises sweet things but delivers nothing, but this isn’t true. Many users have testified that Spybubble has been effective in monitoring activities. So the answer? It is not really a scam but it works resoundingly.

If ever you need of reliable spying software, hopefully this Spybubble review has been a great help for you in weighing its pros and cons. All the spybubble reviews affirmed that this cellphone tracking device is light years ahead of all its competitors! Hence, the adage by Philip Dick holds true now, “There will come a time when it isn't 'They're spying on me through my cellphone' anymore. Eventually, it will be 'My phone is spying on me'.”

Spybubble Review Infographics

Spybubble mobile spy reviews?

official website

Below this blog post I will gather all testimonials that I could find online to show you that this software really works.  Have a great day everyone.

Testimonial from Google+

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Delhi has now been reputed as India's rape capital and this has been proven all the more with the recent rape cases that took place in the different parts of the capital city. According to statistics released by the Council of States in India, there are about four cases of rape each day in New Delhi this 2013. Annual reports made by the Delhi Police stated that there are 706 rape cases reported in 2012.

Rape has ruined thousands of lives that continue up to now. No one is exempted from this social crime and there is even no age limit for the victims. Even little infants to dreary senior citizens can be victims as rape is an evil symbol of power. With this dreadful statistics, it would be hard for anyone to feel safe, especially for tourists who would like to visit India. In the recent news, a Swiss national was raped which led to further staining of India's reputation.

Modern technology has paved way for making espionage a convenient activity that one can do by simply using their mobile phones. With different spyware applications developed for mobile gadgets, can it help stop and prevent crimes?

For once, a spy mobile application may prove to be helpful in battling serious crimes these days. Mobile applications specialists have developed an application that may serve as a protection from these social crimes. SpyBubble is a spyware that may be the solution to preventing and stopping rape cases from happening.

What is SpyBubble and How Does it Work?

SpyBubble is a spyware application that you can install in your mobile gadgets. It works perfectly especially for those people who are in constant fear that their loved ones will be in danger. For parents, this application could help them keep an eye on the whereabouts of their children. It also helps them keep track of their children's activities. A lot of young people nowadays carry a mobile phone with them to communicate with their friends and relatives conveniently. With the SpyBubble Download, you can find out the current location of the person that you are in contact with in your mobile phone.

SpyBubble is mainly used to know more about the activities of children; find out if the spouse has extra marital affairs; or if an employee is potentially stealing money off the company. In the growing rape cases in India, this spyware may be used to track people who are walking into a trap laid out for them by sex offenders and rapists.

What are the Features Available in India with the SpyBubble Download?

SpyBubble is an excellent software application used to spy on a person's activities through their mobile phones. The following are some of the highlighted features offered by SpyBubble:

  • SMS Tracking - This feature allows you to read messages that are sent or received on the person's mobile phone. In order for SpyBubble to work, the user should have an account with this application. The messages will be recorded into the SpyBubble account, making it possible for you to retrieve messages even if the user has deleted them. In case the person you are talking to is complaining about suspicious activities in her whereabouts, you can track the location from where the SMS has been sent.
  • Call Tracking - This feature enables you to get a view of all the numbers that the phone user has dialed or received a call from. On top of that, you will be able to see the amount of calls made from and for each number. Call tracking features also show the timestamp for calls that were made or calls that came in and for how long each of the calls lasted. Lastly, if the phone number is registered with a name within the phone's memory, you will be able to see it.
  • GPS Location Tracking - This has to be the most important feature of SpyBubble since it can help you locate the user's phone number via Google Maps. If you are the phone user, you can use this to your advantage. For instance, you are going to a party and are expected to come home late. You can use this service to let people know of your whereabouts just in case something bad will happen.

Do You Think SpyBubble is Helpful?

With all these features, you might start to think if going for the SpyBubble download is worth it. With all the crazy things happening around us, it might not hurt to try something that offers protection against serious crimes. SpyBubble can be a very helpful tool, especially when it comes to protecting your loved ones and especially if you are against violent crimes such as rape.

With features such as the GPS Location tracking, you can only imagine how advantageous it would be to know about a person's location in case he or she gets abducted or lost. However, there are some problems with this type of software application. You might question if using this software is even ethical in the first place. Spying on someone is not really a pleasant thing, but it becomes necessary when you are aware of the news of increasing cases of rape. You want to do everything in your power just to keep your friend, loved one, or child safe and one of the convenient ways to do this is to use such mobile application.

The SpyBubble download is compatible with popular mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian, and blackberry. You can check out the website to see if the phone you are using is compatible with the mobile application. SpyBubble runs when you install it in your phone and you create a user account with them.

Be Safe in India with the Spybubble Download

It pays to choose to be on the safe side most of the time because of the growing crimes committed everywhere around the world. India is a lovely place to be with historical sites that are worth seeing and if you plan to visit this place one day, it will help if you equip yourself with enough sources of protection and Spy Bubble download is definitely something that you should try out yourself.

Get Your Spybubble Download Now!

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Expose the Truth, Download Spy Bubble

As the saying goes, “The truth will set one free”. Yes, this might be a simple passage but it brings a lot of sense to it. Then again, as it is believed to allow freedom and peace to take place, sometimes the truth may become elusive and hard to contain. That is why a lot of people tend to live behind lies, resort to deception, cling to power and settle for inequality. But for most of us, despite how blurry and modern our world has become, it is important to search for the truth even in the most little things, and live with it and take full grasp of it even if it may sometimes cause hurt and pain. More so, it is irrefutable that some people become fanatical with it and will do all in their power to expose it as possible.


There are definitely countless ways to get the truth exposed. Personally, you can resort to traditional ways such as through healthy conversations or maybe confrontations with the people concerned, becoming vigilant and extra keen in unusual things that you may encounter from your usual routines, or by hiring a spy to go after the trail of your husband, children, or employees. All of these are deemed effective in their own ways but knowing how contemporary our world has become, you can opt for easy alternatives, those savvy ones that could allow you to get the truth exposed in one click of a finger. You want to know how? Well, one of the most popular spy applications that can be downloaded in your mobile phone today is Spy Bubble. Indeed, there is truth to what Arthur Clarke said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology can make the impossible things possible”.

What is Spy Bubble?

Spy Bubble is a software system for smart phones including the Blackberry, Android and Symbian OS. This program works in the background and allows users to monitor the phone's activity from the convenience of their computer. Users simply create an account with Spy Bubble online and install the software on the phone of choice. From there, users can log into their account and view all activities in real time. You can view all phone calls, when they were made and how long they lasted. You can also view all received and sent text messages, even after the user has deleted them. Spy Bubble even allows users to track the location of the phone and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Spy Bubble is truly handy and easy to download

How to Download Spy Bubble Software?

In order to download the application or software in your phone, press the "Home" key on your Android. Select "Settings," then "Applications”, then check the "Unknown Sources" check box. Press the "Home" key again and navigate to the market. Press "Menu" then select "Search." Search for the free application "apkInstaller." Highlight and select "apkInstaller." Click "Install" at the bottom of the screen. Click "OK" once the application has been successfully installed. Open the web browser on your phone and type "" in the address bar. Click "Go," the application file will be stored on the phone. From there, press "Home." Open the ApkInstaller application. Scroll to the "Download" directory of the sdcard, then select "radio.apk" and click "Install." Select "Package Installer" to install the application. Finally, switch the phone "Off" once Spy Bubble has been successfully installed, then turn it "On" to reboot. The "Terms and Conditions" screen will pop up. Click on "I Accept." Enter your license key and click "Submit." Very easy to go through and it downloading Spy Bubble wont even take longer than a minute.

Download Spy Bubble in your iPhone
spybubble for iphone

Basically, it goes the same way as what was mentioned above. There are just few differences that you need to take note of. Just click the "App Store" icon on the home screen of your iPhone. Use the icons at the bottom of the screen to browse categories of apps. To look for it in your iPhone, click "Search" at the bottom of the screen and type the Spy Bubble name into the search bar to download it. Thereafter, the App Store prompts you for your Apple ID. If you don't have one, follow the onscreen instructions to acquire one. An Apple ID is required to download apps to your iPhone. Watch the download status bar that appears under the new icon on your iPhone. Once it is complete, you can access your new Spy Bubble app.

Test it through Spy Bubble Free Trial

You can use Spy Bubble straight away one you download it. But before anything else, you just have to simply pay for the one year membership fee of $49.95. Don’t hold back because after purchasing this very affordable spy app, you get to enjoy its features and brilliant services all year round. What’s more, you can get free updates of the software immediately and you could also get the chance to experience how it works before paying for it because it actually offers a few days of free trial.

Spy Bubble Free Download

Because of wise means and resourcefulness of people, crack versions of softwares and apps are free to download in the internet. However, be aware that these versions have only limited capabilities. They may only work for a certain period of time and may expire after 30 days. You also only can get to use a few of its basic features. Nevertheless, you can try and avail it but it is still more encouraged that you purchase the entire package of the app so that you can get to experience the full features that it has to offer.

Spy Bubble Crack

Cracks are widespread online, however, we would just want to warn you on the reasons why it is not recommended to avail cracked versions. First, your cell phone gets a high risk of acquiring a virus from the cracked Spy Bubble software. More importantly, privacy might become an issue because keygen/warez crack softwares steals data secretly from your computer and corrupts them. Above anything else, there is nothing more comfortable than to download Spybubble software so as to avoid hassles and problems in the long run.
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