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Spybubble Pro

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Most of us including me really want Spybubble Pro for Free Download, but you must be warn that there are many internet scam.  If you are not careful you will end up spending more money or you will lose all of your money.

Nowadays free is not free anymore.  Free software from the internet is very alarming because it might only cause you more trouble than help.  All I can suggest to you is to download only the legitimate Spybubble Pro advanced whenever you can.

So in short the Spybubble Pro Free version download is scam and most of the case people will only steal your credit card information for their personal interest.

If you have no idea what is Spybubble and how it works you should read my review here.  Basically the standard license allows you to monitor on the following activities on your mobile but if you purchased the Spybubble Pro version this is also included in the list of the features you could use.

Spybubble Pro Version Basic Features

How to use Spybubble Pro is pretty straightforward.  The only thing you need to do is to learn how to setup the software on your desired smartphone.  For example if you want to install it on an Android you must learn the step by step procedure on how to install spyubble pro on android which can be easily found the on their support site.  You can also browse the FAQ if you have more questions that needs answers.

Let's move on to the functions:

Sms / Text messaging - This one lets you save /backup SMS.  Once the sms was sent or received it will be automatically saved in a remote server.  Now if the smartphone user delete the text never worry about it because you will have an exact copy of it from your members area.

Call tracking - If you want to know the cellphone numbers used when the phone user call or if you want to know the number used to call the phones owner, then this is great.  Also it allows you to log the date and time mobile calls were made.

Gps Tracking - This great if you want to know the real time location of the phones you want to monitor.  It also record the location history so you will know the whereabouts of the cellphone user.  This is very useful if you want to know if your teens are at school.

Web browser history - So you think that your employees are wasting their time browsing the internet instead of doing their task in your office? Great!  This feature will help you know if they are lazy during office hours.

Phone book access - Another amazing feature you could use is monitoring cell phone contacts.  If you want to know that your spouse is hiding something from then you could spy on their contact and find out if there's any suspicious names or numbers.

Another features are email tracking and photo spying.  Also the same thing that you can do. You could access the pictures and emails remotely.  This is also great if you want to record or backup the pictures and emails that was taken or send and received from the mobile.  Now let's proceed to the Spybubble Pro version.

Spybubble Pro Reviews

If you opt to choose the Spybubble Pro version there are another 9 new tracking features that you can do.  I bet this is advance because it allows you to catch or track the cellphone user in real time or live.

Live cell phone call tapping - As I've said this is real time because  you could listen the smartphone calls immediately when someone wants to call the target handset or if the device under radar wants to call another handphone.  Once the call connect you could tap in and listen the calls live.

Transform your cell device into bugging device - Yes you read it right.  This is useful if you want to hear the live conversation within the vicinity of the target cellphone.  For example if your target phone is inside a room you easily turn on the microphone remotely and listen to their chat. 

You don't need to be near the cellphone because it works even if you are miles away from the gadget that you want to track.

-  Now if you don't want to listen in real time you could switch the recording feature which allows you to record the audio within the area of the cell phone.

Real time Photo and Video recording - This feature allows you to be like James Bond.  It allows you to remotely activate and record pictures and videos which great if you need to gather evidence from your target phone.

Some of the features allows you to track cell phone online messaging like BBM and Whatsapp. If you more information visit my Spybubble Pro reviews.

Spybubble Pro Coupon

As of today Spybuble didn't release any coupon code but be sure to subscribe to my email so that you will get first hand any news for discount of this amazing software.  Spybubble standard and Spybubble Pro version comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.  If you purchased it and you found out that it's not that you need, just request for refund and you will get your money without questions ask.

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