Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spy Phone App

spy phone app

Is there really free spy phone app that you can download to monitor cell phone like iPhone, Android and Blackberry? Spying software can be easily search and download online but let me warned you that most of these software are hoax.

Spy phone app free?

Monitoring application that is market online for free should be examined carefully. You should be very careful installing any apps on your mobile as it could easily jeopardized your personal security. Tracking software with malicious program that comes with it can easily harvest all the essential information you are storing on your mobile including bank accounts and passwords.

So, I highly recommend that you only use license software instead of the cracked app.  On the other hand, though there are free application that you use without any hazards. Most of these application provide less information and sometimes inaccurate data.

Best spy phone app for Android, iPhone and Blackberry

There are only two that I like the most:

Spybubble – This one works for most smart phones including symbians, windows mobile gadgets and even android tablets. It has a very good customer support and they always release updates just in case the operating system of your mobile upgrade. Aside from the top of the line features, you should know that there's a monthly fee for their unlimited updates and technical support.

Highster mobile - Right now this supports only iPhone, iPad and Android Smart phones and Tablets. You will have almost every functions Spy bubble have and what I like about it is you only have to purchase the software once and will never pay anything in the future.

How to use spy phone app?

If you are planning to buy a mobile espionage gadget or you just bought the app and it is still not clear to you how you can use it here are 3 practical situations where you can use this software:

Parents – For monitoring your child you can simply install the software while they are busy doing something. On the other hand if you have teens who want to keep secrets from you then you should install it wisely to stop them from thinking that you are too protective parents.

The best ways to install the software is right after you purchased the cell phone.  You would want it to give as a surprise gift to your kids but before that you should then download and setup the software right away. In that way you will not have a hard time to borrow the mobile just to install the tracking app which will be very obvious to them.

When you have cellphone monitoring application on your kids smart phone, you will gain more peace of mind because you will know right away if they running into trouble. Also with lots of criminals online lurking and waiting for their next victim in social media like Facebook you as parents must be there to guide them or protect them from these so called online sex predators. Cyber bullying is also a serious problems nowadays as people does not only pick their victim at school. They can now humiliate, send explicit photos and intimidate people online using their computers and smart phones.

Business – As a business owner it is your right to find out the truth if your company resources are used accordingly. Before you assign the cell phone to your employees you can setup the tracking software first. This can save time and effort instead giving excuses just to install the software.

Once the application is running you can determine which of your employees are slacking during office hours and which one are productive so you can give them incentives. For employees that you found not doing their job, you can now do some legal actions from simple verbal warning to termination.

There are times that your employees are using the cell phone to make personal phone calls. The software can tell you which are official calls and which one are only there just to add up bills at the expense of your company.

Catch cheating spouse – This topic is very delicate but I think you know now that there's a way how you can find the truth or verify if it just your imagination playing tricks on you.

These are only 3 options on how you can use spy phone app effectively. You can brainstorm in your company how you can use the software or with your wife to keep your child safe at school or if they are online. Now you may download the application because you have more ideas on how to use it.

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